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Current project:

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2010/2015 – current (On going)
Invoicing, bookkeeping and business administration software for small entrepreneurs – Information Technology Entrepreneur

Previous long-term projects

08/2017 -01/2018 – Government – Translator, Research Coordinator

09/2017 – 06/2018 – EPRD, assigned by the European Commission, National Expert

Study to explore data availability at the national level in order to develop indicators for evaluating the performance of the Remedies Directives

2012/2013 – ICCO Alliance /FSAS – Knowledge management / ICT / Climate change
Fair Climate – Knowledge management, team-building and climate change consultant

2011/12 – ICCO Alliance / FSAS – Knowledge management / ICT/ PPP
Fair Economic Development and Public Private Partnerships – Knowledge Management, Capacity building and learning

Recommendation Angelica Senders (Consultant Capacity Development and Learning at FSAS) on LinkedIn:
Stephanie Zwier assisted me in several assignments related to the facilitation of online learning networks. She is well organized, enthusiastic and a great help in all steps of the development of these networks: identification of learning needs and interests by means of online questionnaires, the design of e-discussions, facilitating d-group- and Skype (group) discussions, summarizing lessons learned and editing wikis, blog posts and reports to share these lessons. She combines development knowledge with web 2.0 skills and experience. I can recommend her to others.

2010 – Dutch Ministry of foreign affairs – Research / Knowledge m’ment / ICT
International Development Cooperation debate, Knowledge Management, ICT and Research

2008/2009 – ICCO Alliance – Knowledge management / ICT
ComPart – Knowledge management and social media in international development cooperation

Recommendation Gerrit Visser (Information Advisor at Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands) on LinkedIn:
Stephanie and I gave support to the implementation of the ComPart tools, a groundbreaking web 2.0 project at ICCO. Stephanie inspired me in the facilitation of hands on support to future bloggers, pbwiki users and Delicious practitioners. I gladly recommand Stephanie for your project in development cooperation. Stephanie has a lot of experience and state of the art knowledge.

2008/2009 – European Commission – Knowledge management / ICT
Brussels Briefings on EU/ ACP cooperation – KM Consultant

Previous short-term projects

2015/2016 – Curtaincy – Translation / ICT / Entrepreneurship
Translator of website text from Dutch to English, French and Spanish

2015 Edukans – Education / Entrepreneurship / Education / Gastronomy
Gastronomy TVET – Writing a track record on Edukans’ didactical skills training in a gastronomy project

2015 – Avance -Impact/ SOS Children’s villages / writing
Orphan care – Checklist on Organisational Capacity Assessment (COCA) threshold criteria for subsidy requests – writer / data analyst

2015 – Edukans – Writing /Knowledge capturing / ICT / Education
Writing five track records on education (also teacher training & ICT) programs in a team

2015 – Institute of Social Studies – Translation / Education
Translation of scientific text from French to English on the growing influence of Islam at a Senegalese University

2009 – NCDO, Partos, One Campaign – Writing / ICT
Dutch debate at the eve of the European elections (2009) – Blogger and reporter

2015 – Edukans – Writing
Report writing on education programs and analysing data in Excel sheets

Reflection by Dik Verboom (Senior Programme Manager Edukans):
With the reports all went well, they are submitted and processed. I did not receive any questions on them, so it should be all right. On our cooperation I can only be positive. You got the job done in a short time span and it alleviated me considerably. I can really not think of any lessons to be learned or points for further improvement. You communicated on time and when needed, very customer-oriented. Thanks for the support!

2015 – Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy – Writing
Describing cases on women’s political participation in Colombia, Tunisia and Kenya and giving feedback on a fundraising proposal

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