Describing cases on women’s political participation in Colombia, Tunisia and Kenya and giving feedback on a fundraising proposal

Project title:
Name of organisation: Netherlands Institute of Multiparty Democracy (NIMD)
Team leader: Stephanie Zwier
Position: Researcher and writer
Start date: 2018-08-01
End date: 2018-10-31

The ‘Respect for Women’s Political Rights’ programme (WPR) falls under the MFA Human Rights Fund 2014-2017 and has the aim of strengthening the political leadership of women in Colombia, Kenya and Tunisia. 

Partners of this programme include the International IDEA, UNDP Colombia, and CMD-Kenya. 

This video demonstrates the Kenyan case:

CMD-Kenya: Women in Politics from NIMD on Vimeo.

More info on this programme can be found on page 32 in NIMD’s 2015 annual report: 

The following key areas received extra emphasis in the programme:

1. Explore, test, document and share men-involving strategies ‘that work in practice’

2. Strengthen women candidate capacities and support multiparty dialogue at regional level

3. Assess informal barriers and discriminatory practices in the gender-assessments of political parties

Location: Home-based
Value: Unknown
Description of value:
Donor: Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs