Fair Economic Development and Public Private Partnerships – Knowledge management, capacity building and learning

Project title:
Name of organisation: Fair and Sustainable Advisory Services, assigned by Interchurch Cooperative for Development Cooperation Alliance (ICCO Alliance)
Team leader: Angelica Senders
Position: Knowledge Management and Public Private Partnership Consultant
Start date: 2011-05-01
End date: 2012-06-30

In this project we facilitated learning and stimulated a global on-line knowledge sharing process in the learning community ‘private sector cooperation and fair economic development’. 

ICCO and Albert Heijn were winners of the 2013 best partnership award. 

Technical assistance, capturing best practices and capacity building of learning community on Private Sector Cooperation and fair economic development. Partnerships include one between ICCO and a shea nut producing organisation in Burkina Faso and the ICCO – Albert Heijn partnership on fresh fruits. 

  • Bridging, linking & learning from collaboration of public / private actors; people, planet & profit;
  • Strategy development for Corporate Social Responsibility (collaboration with Albert Heijn);
  • Collecting best practices and develop learning and business cases from different stakeholders and partners in the value chain such as producers, processors and buyers;
  • Facilitating, analysing and reporting on international on-line collaboration;
  • Evaluating project results; conducting a survey that includes gender aspects. Received a high score (9.3/10) in the evaluation for facilitation of the learning process. 

Location: Utrecht/ Home-based
Value: 62 million Euro
Description of value: ICCO Alliance budget 2011 and 2012
Donor: Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, other donors