Knowledge management and capacity building

Create Consultancy is a leading company in engaging and empowering girls and women in the field international cooperation and  knowledge management. Ms. Zwier, Create Consultancy’s lead consultant, is a female knowledge management champion interested in physics as well as the digital, tech sector. She excels at engaging and empowering a group who often are more hesitant to embrace technologies, women, to participate in knowledge sharing and introduce new ways of organising information that allows them to embrace new ways of working. Furthermore, Ms. Zwier distinguishes herself by her strong language skills and knowledge of specific the complex field of international cooperation. Ms. Zwier facilitated a wide variety of knowledge management strategy meetings, also focused on knowledge mapping and the sharing and joint formulation of best practices or lessons learned, with a focus on international cooperation.

Since 2008 she has helped organisations to increase their profit and achieve their (social) business objectives through knowledge management. Knowledge management revolves around fostering the exchange of knowledge, building bridges and eventually making knowledge work for you. Create Consultancy excels in fostering a culture of learning and innovation, facilitating learning processes, south-south cooperation and knowledge exchange. Create Consultancy has implemented and developed knowledge management plans, mappings and strategies.

Create Consultancy also worked on projects focused on capacity building and joint research. Some fascinating projects focused on overcoming obstacles by improving teambuilding processes. Techniques used include; different capacity building techniques, the stimulation of collaborative work styles and consensus building among stakeholders.

In her knowledge management, capacity building and research work, it was at several stages advantageous that Ms. Zwier is female. By setting an example other women have often felt more comfortable to start using ICT tools. Gender issues are at the heart of my work. Ms. Zwier is convinced that the access to technologies and information can increase the opportunities and chances women have to be successful in their lives in the digital age.

My knowledge management and capacity building service include amongst others:

  • Capturing knowledge on learning, developing a knowledge management plan or strategy;
  • Designing and conducting surveys;
  • Providing support and trainings on internal learning and knowledge management using interactive information and communication technologies;
  • Designing and implementing an open knowledge sharing architecture or a tailored knowledge management platform;
  • Making manuals, tutorials, help videos and voice-overs in English, French, Spanish and Dutch;
  • Organising, facilitating and reporting on international conferences or organising online meetings;
  • Facilitating and providing one-on-one trainings and advise on knowledge management;
  • Challenge digital or otherwise existing gender stereotypes and promoting the existence of a wide variety of possible roles for women in business, also women entrepreneurship.
  • Creating social platforms for crowdsourcing and knowledge sharing; generating ideas or debate through social platforms, giving advice on how to use social media in a specific organisation with a specific objective;
  • Stimulating brainstorming sessions on how to improve the structure concerning the presentation of information.
  • Coordination of joint writing and research processes stimulating south-south cooperation.
  • Working in the complex arena of international development cooperation topics such as gender, climate change, women’s empowerment, environment, education, food security, migration, renewable energy, security and ICT

Example of Knowledge Management and Community Capacity Building projects that Create Consultancy contributed to include:

  • ComPart (Communication with and amongst partners): Create Consultancy fostered a culture of learning, facilitated change management, designed a mind map in a team and leading a workshop to design this mind map. Create Consultancy provided services such as blogging, one-on-one coaching of staff members. The number of actively used online wiki cooperation spaces increased substantially.
  • Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs hired Create Consultancy to modernise their way of working and to give more depth to the development debate by stimulating and increasing learning from past arguments used in publications. Create Consultancy designed a wiki platform to share knowledge. Create Consultancy gave one-on-one trainings to senior staff members and built their capacity to work with modern social media tools.
  • At Fair and Sustainable Development Cooperation, Create consultancy assisted as an associate in building the capacity of international staff members, working in virtual teams on public private partnerships and climate change. Methods used include needs assessments, surveys (using MonkeySurvey, conference calls and fostering a culture of learning and sharing knowledge. A result that Create Consultancy contributed to was that ICCO Cooperation won the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ ‘Best New Partnership Award 2013’. Read more.

For more examples please visit Create Consultancy’s portfolio.