Knowledge management, capacity building and climate change

Project title:
Name of organisation: Fair and Sustainable Advisory Services (FSAS) / Interchurch Cooperative for Development Cooperation Alliance (ICCO Alliance)
Team leader: Angelica Senders
Position: Knowledge Management, Teambuilding and Climate Change Consultant
Start date: 2012-02-01
End date: 2013-10-31

The Fair Climate Program focuses on five target countries (India, Ethiopia, South Africa, Burkina Faso and Brazil) with a network approach in a limited number of surrounding countries; Capacity development, strengthening of the network, international lobby work and international fundraising form part of this global program. 

We organised international learning and teambuilding activities using various technologies. This project was a pilot project for the recently developed ICCO Portal

The aim of this initiative was to build the capacity of a team of nine ICCO staff members, based in different offices around the globe that work on fair climate. The team members work on different climate change related topics, such as REDD+, FC networks, carbon credits, climate neutral value chains, renewable energy /energy efficiency and fundraising. Topics of interest and needs were identified to build the capacity of this team and to stimulate the exchange of experiences and expertise. A survey and on-line conference calls were held. A final report provided an overview of the outcomes of the survey and the conference calls. The team members worked as a virtual on-line team from their offices in Nicaragua, Bolivia, Papua New Guinea / Indonesia, India, South-Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya / Uganda and South-Africa. 

Location: Utrecht, the Netherlands / Home-Based
Value: 8.33 million Euro
Description of value: Budget 2012-1013
Donor: Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs