Stephanie – Managing Director / Multilingual Researcher / Knowledge Management Expert

Generating change in modern day internationally operating organisations has become more and more challenging. It is not only relevant to know what your company stands for and strives for, but in our fast paced society, it is increasingly important to become agile as an organisation; all parties involved in generating change increasingly need to be able to learn, adapt and grow together. Introduce such change in an organisation is what I have been most passionate about ever since I founded Create Consultancy shortly after graduating at the age of 27, eleven years ago in 2008 in the Netherlands.

I recently founded CREATECONSULTANCY OÜ in Estonia, to be able to sell subscriptions of a Standalone version of bookkeeping Software I sell internationally, as I was planning to move from Spain back to the Netherlands in 2019. Services are provided through Create Consultancy, in the Netherlands.

Stephanie has worked as an independent research, ICT and knowledge management consultant since 2008. She has also worked as an ICT entrepreneur and co-developed and sells bookkeeping software since 2010.

Stephanie has more twelve years of international experience advising internationally operating staff members of governments and Non-governmental Organisations on how to learn from previous experiences and through this learning increase staff engagement, efficiency and profit, capture knowledge and best practices and enhance a culture of knowledge sharing.

Stephanie is a woman of Dutch and Chilean descent. She is open-minded, creative and is fluent in Dutch, English, French and Spanish.

Her thematic areas of expertise in the field of international cooperation include:

  • Environment (e.g. Agriculture, Sustainability, Renewable energy, Water Management, Climate, PPPs);
  • Education / Youth employment and Entrepreneurship / Children.
  • Gender / Women’s Empowerment
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Create Consultancy is an acronym for Communal Responsibility in the Environment and Access to Education. Its mission: to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals. Stephanie is a member of various networks of consultants with a multitude of expertise related to research, ICT and Knowledge Management.

I would explore future possibilities for cooperation.

Curriculum Vitae –
Researcher Knowledge Management expert and Translator at

Create Consultancy, based in the Netherlands (since January 2008), services
CREATECONSULTANCY OÜ, based in Estonia (since June 2019), for sales of Standalone version of bookkeeping software

Contribute to pioneering projects in the field of sustainable international cooperation. Knowledge management, writing and translating text, capacity building, bookkeeping, website maintenance and strategic policy development in cooperation with partners.

Member of Nedworc association since 2010.
Chamber of commerce number in the Netherlands:  30236836

Some previous positions held include (LinkedIn overview):

  • Desk Researcher / Multilingual researcher / Knowledge Management Expert / Independent Consultant
  • Research Coordinator / Independent Contractor / Translator
  • National Expert (Region: the Netherlands)
  • Researcher / Team leader
  • Researcher / Proposal writer
  • Capacity Building / Knowledge Management – Climate Change
  • Capacity Building / Knowledge management – Public Private Partnerships
  • Desk Researcher / Knowledge Management/ Capacity Building– International Development Debate
  • Field Researcher – Blogging on Political Debate
  • Researcher / Knowledge Management / Communication – Migration, Food Security, Climate
  • Knowledge Management, Capacity Building Expert – International Cooperation
  • Policy Officer (Learning Organization) / Desk, Field Researcher
  • Coordinator


  • 2014, Certificate solar energy, Delft University EDX
  • 2008 MA Advanced International Development (CIDIN)
  • 2006 MA International Development (CIDIN),
    participant in exchange program with Uganda Martyrs University
  • 2001 Basic year diploma Physics (University Utrecht)

Skills & Expertise  

  • Desk Researcher, Translator (in Dutch, English, French and Spanish languages)
  • Knowledge management and Capacity Building Expert;
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Expert;

Key qualifications:

A multilingual Desk Researcher, Knowledge Management / Capacity Building and ICT Expert with twelve years of professional experience managing complex projects and conducting research in the field of international cooperation. Clients include governments, NGOs, SMEs, consultancy firms, and the European Commission. Thematically, I have mainly focused on education, food security, climate, ICT and gender;

  • Conducted multilingual desk and internet research for NGOs and governments. Evidence based research for US and Dutch governments, comparing information from different sources and describing trends. Research on results achieved, lessons learned and best practices of international development programmes for several NGOs. Other research methods applied include face-to-face interviews, online interviews, surveys, mappings and Focus Group Discussions.
  • I have a passion for knowledge management and the learning organization. I very much enjoy stimulating the process of creating, sharing and using information and knowledge. I am eager to innovate and facilitating change towards becoming a learning organisation. I am experienced in the implementation of a range of KM phases, from strategy planning to testing and implementation. I played a role of ‘spider in the web’, connecting users through social media platforms (e.g. wikis, Communities of Practice), coordinating networks, facilitation, and stimulating south-south cooperation; I worked on teambuilding and capacity building projects and giving trainings on the use of social media. Preparing, coordinating and reporting on best practices and achieved results.
  • I have strong ICT skills and I easily adapt to new technologies. I gave feedback to programmers and developers of platforms used by international NGOs to stimulate communication with partner organisations. Furthermore, as an ICT entrepreneur I currently manage a team of software programmers, I have co-developed and sell bookkeeping software. This software is used by a growing number (150+) of Dutch and Flemish entrepreneurs to run their day-to-day business administration duties.

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