Writing five track records on education (also teacher training & ICT) programs in a team

Project details

Name of organisation: Edukans
Position: Writer
Start - end date: 05/2015   -   08/2015
Team leader: Suzanne Hoeksema
Location: Home based
Value: 2.5 million Euros
Description of value:Budget of five projects in the period 2011-2015
Donor: Dutch ministry of foreign affairs


Writing track records on quality education for Edukans’ Connect4Change programmes (ICT), (‘BEQUIP’ and ‘MOSIQUE’) in a team of consultants, gender mainstreamed.

A video of the BEQUIP programma of Edukans and UvA in Ethiopia (Teaching Teachers: Training teachers how to apply active teaching and learning)

Edukans Teaching Teachers from Edukans on Vimeo.

A video from 2012 on the Edukans and UVA Active Learning programme in Uganda