Report writing on education programs and analysing data in Excel sheets

Project details

Name of organisation: Edukans
Position: Consultant research
Start - end date: 09/01/2015   -   09/30/2015
Team leader: Dik Verboom
Location: Home-based
Value: not applicable
Description of value:
Donor: Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Work included

  • Checking the content on twelve Spanish cases of education related development programs in Peru and Bolivia
    (e.g activities, lessons learned and challenges); 
  • Compiling core information in a summarising document per country. 

Reflection by Dik Verboom (Senior Programme Manager Edukans):

‘With the reports all went well, they are submitted and processed. I did not receive any questions on them, so it should be all right. On our cooperation I can only be positive. You got the job done in a short time span and it alleviated me considerably. I can really not think of any lessons to be learned or points for further improvement. You communicated on time and when needed, very customer-oriented. Thanks for the support!’