(Internet) research, evaluation in English, Dutch, French, Spanish languages

Are you struggling to resolve a research question on international cooperation that requires strong ICT or language skills in Dutch, English, French or Spanish?

For the past eleven years Stephanie has conducted research that require a mix of social, language and technical skills, mainly working in the field of international cooperation. Through exploration and writing she has helped many different organisations to answer research questions, write on best practices and explore new terrains.

Stephanie has conducted research studies, also related to evaluation research, with a wide variety of governments, non-governmental organisations and business.

  • Conducting online internet research to inform government decisions on the latest news and developments in Spain and acted as a back-up for the Benelux region.
  • Contributed to a study on the European Commission: Explored available data at the national level in order to develop indicators for evaluating performance of ‘Remedies Directives’ on public procurement, as part of an EU identification and formulation process.
  • I have also conducted research studies for several NGO’s, such as NIMD, Edukans and the Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs.
    • Women’s political leadership: The research conducted for the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy covered challenges faced by women that strive for political leadership positions. I wrote on three case studies about women’s political participation in Colombia, Tunisia and Kenya. I described some of the challenges women in politics face who share the ambition of becoming a political leader in their communities and best practices implemented by NIMD to overcome such challenges.
    • International Development Cooperation Debate: Create Consultancy conducted a six months research for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs on arguments used in the concerned international development cooperation debate.
    • Education: For Edukans Create Consultancy conducted research on education programs in Spanish, English, French and Dutch for three projects on quality education, vocational education and education in general.

These researches required a blend competencies such as creativeness, objectiveness, open-mindedness, orderliness and accuracy. Create Consultancy specialises in research that requires knowledge on international cooperation in a multi-lingual environment.

Click on the following links to see a sample of my publications and portfolio for an overview of previous work related to research, best practices and knowledge management.

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