Multilingual translator in Dutch, English, French and Spanish

Are you looking for a translator who can translate in different language directions from different languages into Dutch or English? Then you have come to the right place. Stephanie can translate documents from Spanish, French, English and Spanish. So if you are looking for a multilingual translator, she can surely help you out.

Create Consultancy offers independent translation services. Stephanie Zwier has worked for eleven years as a multilingual researcher and translator, mainly working in the field of international cooperation.

Stephanie is well capable of conveying a message in different languages, while maintaining a neutral position. She has translated text for different clients in Dutch, English, French and Spanish.

Additional ICT related services:
Create Consultancy can offer more than a an ordinary translator as she understands several programming languages. She can conduct research and has over eleven years of experience working as a multilingual researcher in the field of international cooperation. She can easily use online tools and online research techniques, or portals. She enjoy working with social media tools and in a virtual team setting. She has previously also translated text embedded in a programming language. Please also visit the ‘ICT Expert’ page for more details.

The price for my translation services varies depending on the difficulty of the text, the number of words, the language direction and the deadline. If it is simple text, I charge 0,08 Euro/word. If it is more complex text, with a tight deadline or if it is an online translation I would charge 0,10 Euro/word or maybe a bit more depending on the details of the assignment. If you have a specific project in mind, you could send me a short piece of text and the conditions. Then I will gladly send you an exact quote.

Some examples of my previous translation assignments include:

  • Translation work from Spanish and Dutch to English for a government.
  • Legal text from French to Spanish;
  • Text on trainings Spanish to Dutch;
  • Online translation of commercial sales text on curtains and fabrics for a Dutch enterprise from Dutch to English, French and Spanish.

I have also worked on several other short-term consultancy assignments, please contact me if you would like to receive my resume for more details or visit Create Consultancy’s portfolio.

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